Friday, November 21, 2014

Cotton Fields

We biked by a cotton field the other day.
We were able to get up close to the plants this time.
 I don't what what I thought the cotton plant was...but it is like a flower...the buds open...and you have cotton flowers...
I don't know why but this just intrigues me!!
On the outskirts of Yuma...they have cotton all bundled up...
I was shopping for batting for quilts...and I found Cotton Quilt Batting ...grown in the USA.... Maybe it was grown right here in Yuma....

I realize the 'crop' is no different than grain...but it's so new to me I'm in awe!


  1. It is an amazing plant. I hope you are lucky enough to see the harvest, too.

  2. Kind of neat to know where it all starts, hey!

  3. I've always wanted to see cotton fields, never knew they got bundled up like that.


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