Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Projects I'm working on....

Being south means having more time to do the things I rarely have time to do at home....
Working on my Christmas Ornaments for 2015
Last year when I was here I finished the ones for 2014!
 Crocheting Slouch Hats
 Embroidering Week Tea Towels 
(wow its been years since I did this!)
Sewing in my outside sewing room
Reading a selections of books!

It amazes me how much I can accomplish down here!!
Most of these projects don't get touched when I'm back home.


  1. What a great array of projects!

  2. Good for you!!! Seeing this post and your outdoor sewing area makes me long for OUR camper days!! LD will need to repair the ceiling in our bedroom of the camper before we can take it back down to the ranch. Loved getting to see what YOU are doing!!

  3. I wasn't sure where I was but now I know and I love the new look!! I also love your crafty side, I wish I had more time, like all day ;)

    The outdoor sewing room is AWESOME!!


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