Monday, January 9, 2012

Birthday Week . . .

Christmas is over...
New Year's is over...
Life is back to normal....
that is for most people.

For a number of years once New Years was over I was planning birthday parties. 

My daughters were born 2 years and 3 days apart. 

I would plan a kids party complete with cake for my first born on her birthday...
evening would come and we would have a second cake and extended family would come over.

Three days later we would do it all over again..with the middler...

This only lasted for about 5 years as we moved away from family...
then we only had one cake and party with friends per daughter 
so birthday week got a little easier...

Once they got married those parties quit...
but I tried to do something separate with them on separate days...
First Born was 2....
Middler was 1 week...

this was my last year with only 1 Birthday Party
the second week in January....
and even though I don't have the busyness of those parties anymore,
I have the memories...
of 'Birthday Week'


  1. Oh wow does that bring back memories for me and planning parties...I've had a few like that :)
    Happy Birthday to them!

  2. You look like a baby mom!!!! Thanks for all the cakes!! Luv ya!

  3. What an adorable picture and such sweet memories.

  4. adorable picture, with a very young looking mommy. i know all about birthday weeks, scott was born 9/5/82, less then one year later, mike was born on 9/2/83. it was both wonderful and difficult but we had some pretty amazing birthday weeks!!

    happy memories!!

  5. Those are good memories to have!

  6. Okay Okay for all you who think I look like a 'baby' mom...I was 22 almost 23 years old...fairly young...but not THAT young:)

  7. laughing at your comment! :) happy birthday to your girlies!

  8. Happy Birthday week to everyone ^_^

  9. Happy Birthday all round. Love your picture - you look truly happy with both of your girls on your knee.

  10. Happy Birthday to both your beautiful girls and so glad you have those memories to have pictured and stored in your mind. sandie

  11. love that photo...happy Birthday week to your girls...and giving birth days to you....a great Mom...

  12. Happy birthday to your two 'babies'! :-) I love your photo, we all looked that young when we had our babies, didn't we? Ahhh, yes, the memories, etched in our hearts forever. Enjoy your week!

  13. ooooohhhhh flora, i meant no disrespect, you certainaly look old enough. it was a compliment!!

  14. My birthday is in January as well :)


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