Friday, January 13, 2012

Oak Furniture. . .

Hubby is a carpenter/teacher...he has made me many wonderful wood pieces...
some day I will have to do a post on some of the pieces he has made.
 He made me a few pieces back in the 80's ...out of oak...
after a time oak becomes well tiring....

I have this daughter  (Our middler) who does a great job at refinishing...
 last spring when we returned home from the oak cabinet.....
Was no longer oak!!!
I love it... 
it has a fresh worn look!!
Today is Middler's Birthday...

She is the one we want to take along shopping...
She finds the best material at fabric shops...
The best outfits and styles...
She's always makes us laugh.

So that's it for Birthday week....
(Thank-fully our baby's  son's birthday is in August)


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful, talented daughter!

  2. That turned out great! Happy birthday to your middler's birthday.

  3. Happy birthday to the Middler! She did a fabulous job on that cabinet.

  4. That does look good. I have a pine piece I'd like to paint - need to persuade Grizz that it's a good idea!!!

  5. i was gonna say, wasn't there another one just a couple of days ago? :)

  6. What a clever husband and daughter you have there. Happy birthday to your daughter.

  7. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. She did a beautiful job of refinishing your oak cabinet that your hubby made.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Flora.

  8. What a beautiful job she did and how BLESSED it is to have such a talented daughter! Happy Birthday!

  9. I hear you about the oak -- seems we all loved it a few years ago.

    Loved what your daughter did with this piece. Happy Birthday to her! :)

  10. You shouldn't have to replace well made oak furniture through daily use. Demir Leather


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