Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This and That Things...

We are in a nice DEEP FREEZE! School's were cancelled today as the wind chill was to cold for children waiting for buses in the country, plus the propane doesn't fair to well in weather that is -40C and colder which is what we are having!

January 2nd of this year I started teaching a sewing class. It has been almost a year since I last taught. (I did a post at the beginning of my Blogging Life...on The Sewing Studio if you are interested you can check it out). This coming Monday will be the students last lesson and then we plan on seeking warmer weather for the rest of the winter!

I must of had an interest in sewing at an early age.
This box is mine....
 And here is the sewing machine.
I don't know how often I used it as a little girl...
I think it's worn because of the age of it...not because I used it a lot:)
I have a few other 'vintage' things in my sewing classroom...
An old tin...
An old sealer for spare buttons...

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  1. your sewing machine is too cute, and how smart were you to save the box!

  2. Oh, I think that little machine got a lot of use and that you had sewing with it. ;oD

    Your cold weather is due to arrive here this weekend.

  3. Love the toy sewing machine. I actually remember those.

    And the easy bake ovens too.

    I too keep a button collection in a blue Ball jar!

  4. brrrrr, too cold for me!! LOVE the sewing machine!!

  5. How wonderful that you still have this lovely sewing machine. Blessings, Debbie

  6. Wow -40 that is bloomin' cold. Stay warm!!!
    Love your old sewing machine - what a nice thing to hold on to.

  7. Oh my goodness, Flora, that sewing machine is so sweet! I love the vintage patter too. But, at -40, which I looked up, -40 is the same in Celsius and Fahrenheit, I don't think I'll be coming to your classroom to see it person just now! :)

    Stay warm!

  8. Love your old sewing machine. What a treasure!

    -10 here today. Brrr! Stay warm!

  9. Brrr. I can't imagine cold like that. I think here in Buffalo the coldest we ever get is around -10F. But your little sewing machine is enough to warm the heart. It's darling! And how great that you still have it. I had a little toy typewriter when I was a girl and I wish I still had it. A little Tom Thumb, if I recall. Stay warm and thanks for sharing your vintage goodies.

  10. You definitely have some of the best vintage treasures ever. What a joy seeing them.

  11. What a wonderful little sewing machine - so nice to have that from your childhood!

  12. I'm with you - we're leaving this -40 stuff behind in a couple of weeks and heading to the sunny south for a month. Can't wait.

    I love your vintage sewing machine. I used to have one similar to that. I save buttons too.

  13. Wow that is an old little sewing machine!! SO cute. I wish I could sew...someday

  14. Oh look! Now I can comment here in this latest post. After having to comment in your earlier post.

    I so wanted to be able to comment here, and tell you thank you... For commenting in my blog, to tell me you could comment.. In answer to my question.

    As I said in your earlier post, you have delightful things from the past. I'm so happy that you have saved them. Irreplaceable. :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  15. Cool old machine. Mrs Rover still bemoans losing track of her starter machine, not that we need any more "collectibles" in the house. Send us some of that cold weather--maybe it'll kill the pine beetles.

  16. That is the most adorable little sewing machine!


  17. What a fantastic machine and great that you still have the box! Love the color. Happy VTT


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