Monday, January 30, 2012

A little bit of This and That...

Today my youngest grandson turned 10 years old!!
It is very different being 2000 miles away 
from your grandchildren on their birthdays!
I hope he had a wonderful day!
We love you buddy!!!

My middler had bought some items at a second hand store...
She gave them to me to enhance our Arizona home....
After with the vintage table cloth.
Our futon before...
She had purchased a chenille bedspread..
We found some posters for the wall
I also sewed up a couple pillow shams...
Our bedroom before the quilt...

Hubby had made little night tables...
Middler painted them.

Hubby has been busy on the outside of our lot.... 
He has worked very hard. 
In the next couple of weeks I may have before and after pictures of what he has been up too... 
Although he works so fast at times I can't get the before pictures.


  1. Happy birthday to your grandson! He is a cutie pie. And you have a lot of nice things for your new home. sandie

  2. love those freckles!

    nice to make the place yours!

  3. it looks really nice...Happy Birthday to your grandson...

  4. I am so interested in your home away from home! We will be getting our camper - which LD lived in for 4 years after his wife died - ready to take to south Texas. I have NEVER made a camper home before but YOURS looks amazing!! Please share!! I LOVE your second home. AND your grandson is adorable!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your grandson - hope he has a wonderful day.
    Your new items have just added that little something to your home they look lovely.

  6. Happy Birthday to your darling grandson! Your new goodies really brighten up the place. So lovely!

  7. Happy Birthday to your handsome grandson. Love what you are doing to your AZ home. :)


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