Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We are still new to all the happenings going on down here. Every year they hold an event called Midnight at the Oasis. One of the things they do is have a Cruise of Cars...to park for the Show and Shine the following day. There were 100's of vehicles!

We were late getting to the 'cruise', but got a few pictures of some of the vehicles passing us. The pictures are not the greatest as we had 3 rows of people in front of us. Second granddaughter...you asked if they would throw candy at this parade... I had said I doubt it...well guess what?? They did :)

At times like this...I know hubby wishes he had his son and boys with him to enjoy this with (since I really don't have much interest in this)...so this post is for the 'boys' back home...that hubby would have loved to share this event with!

The following day... in the parking lot... they were selling these if anyone is interested?
 This is one fine looking car?
hmmm  Firstborn....your could deliver hubby's lunches in this! He would definitely see you coming!
I thinking of Second Born for this one? Some inspiration for the one you have...or maybe they'll trade?
 Firstborn granddaughter... thought you might like this?
 And here's a great fixer upper....
 It's a 1937...any boys out there interested in this one?
And for some reason...hubby really liked these...
Not sure who would want to buy this old Fire Truck...

This was just the fire truck sitting in the parking lot... hubby for some reason needed this picture...
Every time we bike the Canal, we pass this truck...Hubby needed this picture.
Thought I better post it...before I deleted it:)
So there you go...from hubby to all the boys (and girls) he loves back home!


  1. Cars and trucks from bygone days were just so much more interesting and unique, weren't they? Awesome captures and commentary. :)

  2. I love the old trucks and that bus is awesome!

  3. Looks like heaven for your hubby!! Thanks for the post!

  4. Oh I can see why he wanted a picture of that tower!!! It's so cool!!! My favorite was the first one!!! I'm sure the 7th born would LOVE the bus!!!! Did you get me some candy!!???;)

    1. Sorry sweetie...we were to far back...couldn't get out there...

  5. These are great! They have so much more character than today's vehicles.

  6. (now i've got that silly song stuck in my head!) 'midnight at the oasis...'

  7. What fun! I don't know a thing about cars, but I sure love to admire the old ones.

  8. Those were the good old days - and Scooby Doo. sandie

  9. what a fun community yall are in...love the car photos..

  10. Cool. i really like the one with the horns.


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