Sunday, March 4, 2012

Downtown Dining....

We have found a couple favour places to eat in Old Town Yuma...

A little History about the building...

"Built in 1901 right in the heart of old downtown Yuma Arizona. It looks old, like old places should. It was built as a general store with a hotel located on the second floor, with the hotel balcony overlooking main street. You ask one of the Lutes why they named the place a casino? "There's no gambling now, of course, but years ago there used to be gambling in here. They paid off the local authorities, and there was a trap door right behind you that went down to the basement where the gambling took place." 
Piano Player...
Great Decor....
We tried Lutes Special Burger...
(Hamburger and Hot Dog Together)

Potato Tortilla...
( potato and cheese fill tortilla...covered with cabbage..)
The rest of the menu is your normal Hamburger, basic Mexico food. 
As well as the live music... there are pool tables at the back of the restaurant. 

Garden Cafe

"Garden Café, a piece of cherished Yuma history - the latest in a long line of ventures passed down four generations! These grounds have been loved in, lived in, played in, and worked in by members of our family since E.F. Sanguinetti launched his career here in 1887.

A winding brick path leads from a street side courtyard entrance through wrought-iron gates, past aviaries and flowing vines. When you finally arrive at the enchanting, open-air restaurant at the end of the walk, you’ll feel as if you’ve discovered a secret garden. Leafy shade trees and brightly colored canopies provide a roof for the brick dining terraces. This delightful outdoor environment is enhanced by birds chirping in room sized cages and the fragrance of lemon trees.

The outside garden setting lets you enjoy our family recipes made with quality ingredients. Our breads and muffins are homemade."

 You have to enjoy outside dining...
Has a cute garden shed.
We had Tortilla soup and an Avocado Sandwich.

Both places were very busy! 
Tourist and locals alike enjoy these restaurants! 
Reservations on recommended at the Garden Cafe noon hours and on weekend!


  1. How fun is that? I'd love to spend a leisurely lunch at both places.

  2. Hi Flora! So nice stopping by to visit with you! I have perused many of your posts and enjoyed reading them and getting to know you bit. Sweet blog :)

    Kindly, Lorraine

  3. Both of these places look really great - it must be great to be able to dine outside in the great weather. Thanks for introducing us to them.

  4. both places look like they have their own ambiance and character. :)

  5. That old casino is fantastic, the other place also looks enjoyable. I never would have thought to put potato, cheese and cabbage on a tortilla, how were the potatoes done? Fried or mashed?

    Looks like so much fun just to try these new places, maybe when I'm back in Adelaide I'll do the same.

    Have a fantastic week, see you again when I can. I have to really restrict my internet now that I'm out in the lands.

  6. Okay, I looked at the food picks from the casino and I swear my diet tracker shook in the window behind it. (So I enlarged the browser window so I wouldn’t see it!) I have to admit, the idea of hamburger and hotdog together makes me want to try it! The ambiance at the Casino is just incredible!

    I LOVE outdoor dining, and we have a fresh blanket of snow this morning, so the sun and shirtsleeves is very appealing! Tortilla soup is definitely one of my top soups!

    Yeah, I definitely need to go make breakfast now!

  7. They both sound like great yummy places.


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