Monday, March 12, 2012


I remember my first head of Yuma lettuce....fresh from the field...It was Romaine...and it was yummy. Lettuce is lettuce...but that lettuce was VERY GOOD!

The last two times we have been in Yuma and we pass a lettuce field... I wish I could just go and pick myself a head...

On one of our walks...we walk past a lettuce field... every time I see the lettuce...I crave it!

Then one day....the pickers were picking!!

I begged ask if we could buy a fresh bunch of lettuce...
I watched from the distance...and got worried....
Hubby stopped him cutting us some...after 4 bunches...
It is delicious!!
(I didn't keep it all for ourselves... I did share with the neighbours!)

But guess what's for dinner....
And for lunch!


  1. You can't beat it when it is really fresh like that. And an added bonus is that it is good for you as well :))

  2. it's one of the reasons i love summer here so much. when the garden is in full swing, dinner is on the vine at noon and on our plates by 6 pm!! you just can't get any fresher!!

  3. Fresh lettuce is THE best. So nice that you shared with your neighbors.

  4. Yum! Definitely one of the benefits of living in AZ, right?

  5. Oh my goodness! Now I'm craving a truly fresh salad too! My Dad gardens, but he doesn't grow lettuce, so I have to find it at the farmers market. YUM! Thanks for the craving!

  6. I love when salad is straight from the garden like that! Good for you.

  7. oh yum...apparently y'all are in arizona? :)

    1. yep.... for a couple more weeks:)

  8. Looks delicious, and you knew for sure that it's fresh!


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