Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Iceberg Lettuce Field

Picking Machine was parked by the side...
They were on break...but then started working...

It's hard to see...but the heads of lettuce were popping out the machine!
The field after the picking...


  1. I can SEE that lettuce! How cool is this! I think I'll show this to the quads. How fun it is to see them marvel at the same things I marvel at!

  2. how cool - can anyone say salad!!!

  3. I love seeing how the lettuce is harvested. I bet it smells wonderful, too.

  4. That field after harvest is what my garden used to look like after the rabbits left it. Which is why I no longer grow vegetables.

  5. Very cool. I've seen cabbage in fields but never lettuce.


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