Tuesday, January 10, 2017

This and That

Arizona Citrus Fruit collected on our walks...

The Kayaks have been to the Colorado River... California...on the other side!

 Interesting sign in a Museum Restaurant....

Five guys...two clipboards...should solve the problem:)...made me smile!!


  1. i am so glad you have the kayaks, i hope you had a fun adventure. there must be a spitting problem there - i don't spit, but if i have a cold, i use a tissue or the ladies room. men, even my own, are gross!!! it is unsanitary!!

  2. Love the photo of all the supervisors - too funny!

  3. One guy to do the job and the others to supervise. That's the way it always works! lol

  4. That last picture made me laugh. I was having my picture taken once for a company's annual report. They sent out a photographer, two assistants and two folks who just sat. They spent three hours taking one lousy picture. I was sore from smiling. Now I know why models get paid so much but not sure what those two who sat were getting paid to do.


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