Monday, January 23, 2017


Quartzsite is about 1 hour north of where we live when we are down south. We pass through every year...but have never stop. We made a trip there on the weekend to visit the market.
What we didn't know was that there are 4 market sites, with over 800 Vendors that are open every day during the months of January and February. It's a booming little town during those months.

After an hour and a half...we hadn't even finished one market place... We will save the rest for another year!:)
Products from Mexico..
Lots of hardware.... and stuff...
Piles of rocks, crystal and stones!!!
Cute models for Dog Hats! Yes they were all sleeping!!

Other Cool things we saw...

One Vendor made their Ice Cream on site!.... Very Cool!

 One of the  many 'campers' we saw!
 Many ATV's in the streets....
A great way to carry the wares you buy!!
My one purchase!


  1. Looks like a fun place to wander around and look at "treasures." My Mom used the fruit press/colander a lot, especially for tomatoes. What are your plans for the one you purchased?

  2. So much to see! It looks like a great place to wander and come across surprises!

  3. you had me at "Wandering Rose", now that is awesome!! will you be making lots of apple sauce? my mom had one as a kid, not sure if she still does, though? we had the best apple sauce and a kid. miss that so so much. ( ;

  4. Haha! How many times had we driven by and never stopped too. If there is a next time, we will. Thanks for the great photographs.

  5. oooooh this looks like an awesome place to spend the day - or a couple. too bad you had not stopped before!!!


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