Thursday, January 5, 2017

Carving Project Update

This post is an update to the post 'In The Shop'.
Hubby has spent many hours in the back yard...
 He started carving the are a few with the initial knife carving done..

He fine tuned all the light ones ( Jelutong) They are ready for the final finishing be done when we return home.
Now he has to decide what shape...the other men will be!


  1. Wonderful progress! This chess set will be a treasure.

  2. What a wonderful thing to do to pass the time. Can't wait to see the full set when he's all done.

  3. it's so beautiful - another treasure for the grandkids!!!

  4. What a craftsman!

    I've been catching up on your blog...really enjoyed seeing all those lovely Arizona images. It has been quite a few years since I have been to those parts of the State.

  5. Wow, that looks like nice artistic work!


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