Monday, January 2, 2017

Road Trip...

We went on a little road trip to Ajo ... a once thriving Copper Mine Town.... now turning to the Arts....

It is a quaint place....The they hold weekly Farmer's Markets with produce from their many Community Gardens, Art Shows and more!
 Adobe style buildings, which I like so much!!...
The mine.. is as deep as the Empire State Building is high... The Lookout Tower was closed, because of the I had to take pictures between fence wires...

Here you can see the lake at the bottom of the mine. The mine closed in 1985...
When the mine closed.... the town began to die....but what is it doing to grow the town be continued!


  1. You're such a tease. . .love the photos and eager to hear the rest of the story.

    The mine is impressive. I'm surprised the company hasn't been required to reclaim the land.

  2. Amazing to see the depth of this former mine! It must be a great place to visit!

  3. now that is cool. looks that that rock formations ... so neat!! think of the time and energy it took to do that. the world is such an amazing place. erosion. hope your New Year is starting off wonderfully. hoping it will be full of kayaking and other fun too!! take care. ( :

  4. i like the plaza and the thought of weekly farmers markets. and wow on the closed mine, the rocks are incredible...i'll bet it was amazing to see!!!

  5. Hmmm. How exactly do you pronounce AJO?


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