Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Well it had to happen sooner or later...we had to go home.
 We left this.......
Drove and drove............
 and drove 
Saw some white stuff in the hills.... left over from spring???
Got home..... What world is this?? Where is spring???
Thank goodness for wonderful kids and grandkids!!
This made me smile! Thanks kids for the welcome home... xoxo


  1. Hahahahaha...Oh happy day!
    I kept trying to picture what your faces looked like when you saw those gigantic things at the end of your drive:) Can you imagine if you came home in the dark?:)
    We are happy to have you back...it just feels RIGHT!
    luv you

  2. oh i LOVE the snowpeople! complete with hair!!! you may have come home to snow, but to love as well. :)

  3. back to reality...I bet the were happy to see you...


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