Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our Canadian Spring

Well my travel is over ..its back to reality. I don't know about you...but I find that after a trip it takes awhile to 'recover'. I like going away in March because NORMALLY... in April most of winter is gone and I can start working in my yard. This year was not quite normal. One thing I know I won't be working in my yard... The snow has to go...then the mud has to go...but I will not get down! Even when it is overcast and more snow is threatening.
I will remember how blessed I truly am!
 I am Canadian....I will embrace this weather! The sun is shining!!
Who needs a pool to sit by..when you have snow?! 
Who says you can't drive a convertible with snow? The temperature is +6 C! 
(You just have to put the heater on...)
And look...the snow is starting to go in my flower bed...and the tulips are pushing their heads up! 


  1. :) I need to hang around you a bit more so this rubs off on me;)
    GREAT outlook.....I will try;)
    So when are we convertible cruisin' together?

  2. you definately have the right attitude...must be where Dawn gets it...

  3. I love that you have the convertible top down!! Wonderful blog!!


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