Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

My youngest granddaughter is staying with me and we had quite the day!
The first order of the day was making play dough...

We both ended up with red and blue fingers!
Time to make cookies
Then she had to serve them.
Cookies would not be complete without tea!
Then we had to make a beaded necklace. For three she did pretty good with the little holes in the beads! She didn't even get frustrated when they came off the string...not once but twice!
You know..' play is to children what work is to adults'...well this little girl really likes to work! It was only noon and we thought a walk to the library was in order since the weather was beautiful.
How about with a cousin?! 
A stop in the park on the way home...
Still enough energy to pull the wagon...
And enough energy to play outside until supper...
Well I'll tell you I was ready for bed by 7:00 pm.... she did fall asleep just before 8:00. It was a full and wonderful day! 


  1. It is so true how they have so much energy but what a special memory she will have with her Grandma.

  2. so sweet! the shot of them holding hands is just wonderful!

  3. :))))) You are the bestest grandma in the whole wide world!!!

  4. aww what a cute kid!!:):) i loved how she pulled the wagon! that day was full of fun!

    love ya:):)xoxo


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