Monday, April 11, 2011

Gardening 101

We live on almost an acre of land on the edge of town. We purchased the land approximately 11 years ago. It's now hard to believe that at one time this land was a 'slough' and filled with weeds. Over the years I have enjoyed preparing a garden and flowers beds. During the next few months I will be blogging about some of my gardening experiences. I am a novice when it comes to names of plants and trees. But I love working in the dirt!

I saw my first Robin this weekend...
So spring is coming....I'm sure the Robins are a bit confused with all the snow... 
 This little guy inspired me so I made my first spring purchase .....
A new watering can and few packages of flower seeds.
The snow is melting and I have flower beds exposed that I can start to work in!
This flower bed is the first to bloom and the perennials don't last that long so I thought this would be a good place to start with Sweet Peas and Old Fashion Flowers. We'll see how the seeds do....Our evenings are still freezing?
Once I had cleaned it up I found plants starting to pop up their heads!
At the front of the house there were not many perennials coming up...but I did find a pansy in bloom!


  1. hurray! glad spring is finally reaching you! i'm not a gardener, but i do like the feel of soil on my hands!

  2. I think it's warmer at your house than mine! Seriously!!
    A flower? Are you sure you didn't bring that back with you?:0)))

  3. are you sure we are sisiters??? all that dirt in your nails.....xoxox

  4. No It grew right out of my cold dirt!! (It is in a south west corner sheltered by the house....hopefully it doesn't freeze this Thursday when the _ _ _ _ comes)

  5. Omie...I remember playing with mud pies when I was little...didn't you get me started on that?

  6. looking forward to your posts...cute Robin

  7. Oh god feel pity for those freezing plants. I like your article. I enjoyed it.
    dean graziosi


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