Thursday, April 21, 2011

Woodworking - Gourd Birdhouse

My husband is a carpenter and has a beautiful shop (that he wishes he could us more!)
Every so often the grandkids come and work in it.
The other day one of our grandson's came with a gourd that he wanted to make a bird house out of...
First, draw up the plans...
Make sure the measurements are right for the type of bird
 Cut Gourd in half

 Empty the seeds
 Clean the  inside out.
 Board for roof

 Prepare for birdhouse opening

 Smooth edges
 Make sure bird will fit
 Prepare base for roof

 Just need a hole for the hook to hang it
Ready to hang

One great looking birdhouse!!


  1. WOW! I need some of those!!! Smart young man, the way he affixed that roof! I'd never have thought of that!

  2. That's awesome! I didn't know he spent THAT much work on it!! BRAVO buddy:)
    Now I hope he takes pictures of the newcomers to the Gourd House;)

  3. great looking bird house...and young man....great job...


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