Friday, April 1, 2011

Fillmore Utah

We happened upon this little town off the I 15...I thought it needed to be exposed!
Fillmore was the Historic capital of Utah...
Main Street
Geese roaming on Main Street
Creek runs through town
Unique Gift Shop was amazing...
 These figures are made from roots and wood!
Rock Art... Fence made from rocks...
And how about the house?
More information on this unique town


  1. Awesome little place with tons of unique art!

  2. That's an incredible place!!!! And those quackers/honkers? Love 'em:)))

  3. They are real live geese! With their nests right along main street... we had to walk quickly by.... your dad is very scared of them! He was scarred as a child when he was chased by one of them!! haha

  4. Those wood figures and the rock fence+house are really amazing:) Looks like a neat place!


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