Friday, April 15, 2011

Lake Louise

Hubby had a conference at Lake Louise. He talked about hikes up the mountain watching spring happen when he booked this conference last November! Well.....Welcome to Lake Louise

 This is the beautiful Emerald Lake Louise! Skating any one? It is the middle of April!

We're talking loads of snow! So much for that hike up the mountain. We forgot our snow shoes!
We did hike down to the village along the side of the road......4 km in the blowing snow...after all we are Canadian! With the wind and snow we decided that it was an endurance test...not a nice stroll in the afternoon but it felt good when we got back to the hotel.
 The hotel is interesting to explore...
Got lots of reading done while Brian was at his conference!


  1. Oh wow. Guess we shouldn't complain.
    We only have Half of what they do;)

    Yay for a blizzard walk!:)))))

  2. wow. that's a big difference from your SW US vacation pix! :)


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