Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lady in Waiting

One of my grandchildren discovered this nest.
It wasn't where we normally find Robin's nests.
I would of missed it...between the shop and sheds..
Mom and I had quite the chat...
 So you discovered me...
 Well are you just going to stare...
Well I gotta get on that nest...
 At least I don't have tree branches to fly thru...
 I have to sit just right...
 There we go....
Stay tuned  babies will be soon!

Also next week, we will have the draw for the lemonade. Don't forget to enter the giveaway


  1. I loved it, but I think she needs some Lemonade!

  2. Hahahah...Oh MY! Omie is going to need a bathroom very soon;)))
    Love the conversation with the momma....can't wait to see all her hard work paying off:)))

  3. I never thought of that Dawn...but that is funny!! I hope the sugar isn't getting to her....but she is one smart cookie!

  4. that robin is so beautiful!

    i am thirsty for lemonade too! Omie is giving it all she's got!

  5. That is so cool - you will be able to share in the birth - just don't touch anything - lol.

  6. can't wait to see the babies...some one is really working hard to win the prize...

  7. Thankyou Flora Love that Lemonade

  8. I love that whole sequence. Will mama Robin be safe there? No cats around? I hope all will be well when the babies come.--Inger

  9. I hope mama robin is safe...every year we witness babies born...the only thing is the crows get them at times...but I think this one is safe from them... I can't see crows getting in where they are??? Let's hope not... I will keep you posted!!

  10. How special to be up front and close to this event.


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