Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A New Experience for Me!

I just had an experience that I have never experienced before! I was at a 4H Beef Sale! My husband was raised on a farm and has talked about his experiences with 4H. But being raised in the city, I have never really had any desire to experience the farming scene.

I have grandchildren that live in the country... and this year they got calves and joined the 4H Beef Club. I attended part of the judging and auction. It was very enjoyable! 

Here are their calves! (I am not an real animal lover...but just looking at them, my heart went out to the animals and the kids (they gotta be a little sad that this is the last day with their calves?).... and this is NOT a good day for the calves....but I guess they don't know that)
Big Red

The calves were judged all day...
Supper was served.... just like the good old days!
Prizes where given out then each steer was auctioned off....

I'm sure the kids hearts are a little heavy, their pockets are a little heavier....they have shown they know what work is, caring for these calves all winter long!!
But for me...I saw the community I live in in a different light... There is something unique about the farming community!


  1. 4H and FFA programs are great. I'd be heartbroken letting the calf go though...

  2. I would have really enjoyed that day with a Lemonade

  3. Oh, I love the farming community. How fun for your grandchildren and for you to get to share it with them.

  4. Your photos are wonderful. I love being around cows, it's when the slaughter happens I stay indoors. I miss my farm life and the sense of community, I miss the trade and barter system and I miss my huge flowerbeds. Soon enough I can take a drive and go out for a visit though, at least it's only 2 1/2 hours away.

    What a wonderful experience for your grandchildren! And good for you participating in the judging... out of curiosity what did you judge on? I am curious what determines which calf wins.


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