Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring is Here!

The first trees to show some life are my lilac bushes so I think spring is here!
 The flowers beds are starting to show some life...

Perennials are coming...
 My older perennials... Baby's Breath and the Day Lily's are looking fine.
I was happy to see my Delphinium coming back. Last summer was the third time (and would of been the last) for me to try it and it survived our winter!
One of the three Begonia's that I planted is starting to come. Hopefully the other two will come!

I had some Hen's and chicks in a pot. Stuck the pot and all in the ground and it is looking fine.

My father had a Bleeding Heart that I took a slip from years ago, but it never survived our winter. Last spring my brother-in-law brought me a slip from B.C. where the plant he took from dad has flourished....
I was happy to see that it has survived the winter!!
Life is slowly coming back to my flower beds... still no flowers on my tulips but a few pansies are showing their colours!
 It was a fun day in the dirt!


  1. I think its warmer where you live! Pretty:). Ummm... I think you need a manicure:))

  2. Glad to see that you do what you are told to do, nice nails!

  3. hi there! yes, my dogs will occasionally catch a squirrel (like yesterday). then i have to round them up, put them back in the house, then throw the carcass into the pond for the fish and turtles to feast on. if i don't corral the dogs first, they'll just go in and retrieve it again... :)

  4. OHHH you have Turtles!!! How neat! Well the dogs around here...mainly catch mice...although we do have the odd squirrel!


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