Friday, May 27, 2011

Theatrical Sewing

I have a granddaughter who loves ' Theatre'. When she was little ...she always said she wanted to be a Clown when she grew up...well she no longer wants to be a Clown...but she LOVES to act, sing and dance and she is very good at what she does. She is now part of the Christian Youth Theatre.
 Last fall when we were away she was in 'Snow White'. 
We were very disappointed that we missed her performance. 
(She was little Snow White.)
This spring she is in Anne of Green Gables. She is Josie Pye. I'm not sure if I offered...or my daughter said I would sew a dress... 
I got the makings for the blue dress that Matthew bought Anne...with the puffy sleeves.
Makings for the dress.
Even though my granddaughter is not Anne, she is approximately the same size as the character Anne, so she became the model I fit the dress on.... I am almost finished...

Plus we had a few alterations to do on Josie's dress as well.

The first performance is mid costumes should be 'tuned' and ready by then!


  1. Oh my goodness. She looks adorable! You have done amazing on this...I didn't know you were making something so elaborate! She must be thrilled:))
    Can't wait to see her in ACT-ion.
    SEW nice:)

  2. oh dawn's on a pun roll today! :)

    wow. sew sew sew!!!

  3. The costumes are wonderful and will be the hit of the show.

  4. I know a few granddaughters who would love to have those dresses...With "puffed" sleeves and all :)

  5. ooooooooooooo i love that dress so much!!
    anne really liked it she couldent wiat to try it on!!
    she looked great!

    thank you so much!!!


  6. mine is soooo cute!!!
    i love it!!!

  7. Oh Pig Parade.....glad you are happy with it all! Love to do it for Little Miss Piggy!! xoxo

  8. Your granddaughter is so lucky to have you. She will be fabulous and so will her costumes!

  9. WOW! Beautiful costumes, the girls will be the hit of the show with their talents and these amazing dresses. You have tons of talent I see Flora, now I know who to call if I ever want a tailor made dress! ;-) Enjoy your weekend!


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