Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tasty Thursday

A trip to the city ...
 and one of our favourite dining spots...

Wonderful decor
French Bread with garlic butter
Pear spinach salad with cranberries and caramelized pecans
Ginger Beef Crepes
Chocolate Raspberry Crepes to finish the meal!
Now...lemonade would not taste good with this meal...but don't forget the Giveaway


  1. Oh my goodness that all looks so yummy!

  2. ha ha! save the lemonade for when you've gotten up from your nap after all that food! :)

  3. I was going to say those ginger beef crepes looked so good and then I looked at the other parts of your meal and it ALL looks divine!

    p.s. I want that lemonade!

  4. If lemonade wouldn't go with that meal then I guess I wouldn't want the meal

  5. looks like an awesome meal...

  6. Now I'm hungry again! :-) It all looks so delicious. I'm going to have to try the Creperie, I've never been there. I made the mistake of going to the Cheesecake Factory about a month ago and ate a whole piece of cheesecake, oh my goodness! It was heavenly until it all settled then I got an upset stomach. I learned that next time I'll share a slice with someone!

    Have a fantastic afternoon!

  7. Hello - how are you - I answered your comment today. Thank you for it.

    That meal looks delish - were you celebrating anything yesterday?


  8. Teehee - sent it - but to no reply google - don't have your email address. Oops.
    skcz at comcast dot net is mine

  9. well I see your back on and no comment but as I said if lemonade doesn't go with this meal I don't want it

  10. oh yum! i'm so tired of cooking, can't wait to eat at our favorite spot when we get home! it's lebansese...cabbage rolls and tabouleh...however it's spelled! :)

  11. p.s. i'm still interested in the lemonade. :)


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