Friday, May 20, 2011

May Long Weekend

May Long Weekend, three words that bring an oxymoron of feelings.
Warm long weekend -Freezing Blizzard  
Sitting at the beach - Sitting in front of your fireplace
Camping in the mountains - Stranded on a snowy highway
Planting gardens -Flowers Freezing
It has become a weekend that you really can't you never know what the weather will be like. This spring has been so slow in surely can't snow again?

This morning I enjoyed a walk down our lane and watch spring had rained (not snowed) the night before, there was a bit of haze but it was beautiful!

We may still get another blast of winter...but for this moment... it was spring.


  1. oh, i hope winter has left you for good this season!

  2. Enjoyed your walk down the lane - and we have to take spring one day at a time this year!

  3. Lovely walk wish I could have been there with you and a Lemonade!!!!!!

  4. hope spring is there to stay for you...pretty flowers..

  5. If we can make it through this weekend I think that we're home free... at least I hope we are! I wish my flowerbeds were as clean as yours are... which means I'd best get back to work because without the effort a wish remains only a wish.

    I love your shots, enjoy your weekend!

  6. Spring has been taking its time arriving here, too, but I think winter has decided to fade into the background.


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