Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Morning Walk...

 A Time to Reflect...
Do you remember singing....
London Bridge is Falling Down?
(little did we know it would be built back up)
 A new day...
Is it...'pink sky in the morning...sailor take warning?'

Have you ever noticed...how quickly the sky changes in the mornings?
We were glad we had stopped in Lake Havasu...
Last time we drove thru... I had noticed there was a Hobby Lobby...
 had to check it out!
And you can bet....we'll be stopping here more often....
If you've never been to Hobby Lobby... you'll have to check one out!!


  1. Gorgeous sunrise photos.

    Oh yeah, I can get into a lot of trouble at a Hobby Lobby - fabric, yarn, notions, etc.

  2. hobby lobby is a must for me a couple of times a year. i wander thru frames, mats, HOUSEWARES like a lost soul...

  3. Bev, your morning walks are spectacular. I'm green with envy.

    I googled holly hobby to find out it was a store~:)

  4. I remember London Bridge! LOL. Yes the sky does change so quickly! Love the photos. Hobby Lobby??............I want to live there!!

  5. You are in such a lovely area at such a great time in your life! I love how you enjoy every thing around you. Hobby Lobby? LOVE that place!! There's one close to Amber and another one close to my mother. It may not be a bad thing that there's not one where I live!
    Thank you for allowing us to 'arm chair travel' with you!

    1. I received your email! I haven't figured out all the in's and out's to the blog way of reply, etc! I'll try to check my settings! It seems we live a somewhat similar lifestyle! Although you get the A+ for the most scenic area!!!

  6. Love the sunrise - Love London Bridge - and I love shopping at Hobby Lobby!

  7. Beautiful shots! I love Hobby Lobby, only now I don't live that close to one anymore.


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