Sunday, February 10, 2013


I know that I have posted about 'Old Town' Yuma before. My children have always been an important part of my life...and whenever I am away from them I think of sharing the things Hubby and I do with them.

Well since Middler is with me this time..and it is fun to share 'south' living with her!
We biked the canals down to 'Old Town'.

 It was market day on Main Street...
I had to take her to a fun place to eat...Lutes Casino
 Where we shared the most delicious Potato Tacos...
It is mashed potato's deep fried in tacos, covered with cheese and cabbage... you mix it up with some hot sauce....
 And Lutes Special... a hamburger and hot dog combined....
You have to taste it to know how yummy this REALLY is!!!
Middler loves antique we browsed in the 4 antique shops ...
I never tire of the old buildings in this area...
but is it sad to see how business's are closing in 'Old Town"
The area has wonderful old buildings with such character!


  1. It looks like a great place to explore!

  2. now that looks like a fun day....and good food...

  3. It looks like such a happy colorful place - even the food!

  4. i love all the signs. that food looks yummy good. ( :

  5. What good times!!!! Such fun to go along with you on your day!!

  6. market day on main street, that's right up my alley!!

    and the food wooooohooooo, that's right up my ally also!! looks like a really fun day!!

  7. Soooo fun! Wish I was there:/ Love the pictures...and memories it brought of Cherry Trot Trip;)

  8. I was actually there in 1972!! On my way to California.


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