Monday, February 18, 2013

Swap Meet Finds

Yuma has it's share of markets! The swap meet is a market where you can find all sorts of 'stuff' stuff and old stuff.
Well personally I would of never thought of even looking at these signs...let alone buying them.
But when you enjoy making signs... and you can get all this wood...and a framed piece to boot... for $4.00, apparently you buy it...
 The wood was primed...
 I had wanted a sign by my hummingbird feeder... and look at this!

 Another corner of my patio decorated...

 It didn't take long for patrons to come... don't know if you can see it...but the wasps came too.
Is there a way to get rid of unwanted guests?


  1. nice sign, perfect for the spot!! we have a "trowel" (sp) around all our hummingbird feeders. it is part of the feeder and it drowns the unwanted pests.

    mine is all the way down the bottom, window mounted, you can see the trowel but most of them dont have it!!

  2. too cute on the sign!

    i have succumbed to using anti-insect spray on the tops of the feeders but always worry about it dripping down to where the birds sup. i've seen other bloggers put out a shallow dish of sugar water. the bees and wasps seem to go there and may leave the feeder alone for the birds...

  3. Looks like you had fun making the signs. Hummingbirds are a lot of fun to watch.

  4. maybe a NO BUGS ALLOWED sign would

  5. I love the sign, you really seem to be enjoying your time down there.


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