Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Date Farms

 You can't visit Yuma without a drive to enjoy the dates farms...So I took Middler for an afternoon drive.
 Thru this farming countryside..

We visited two date farms...and enjoyed date shakes...
I hate to say this...but we enjoyed the shakes soo much they were gone before I realized I wanted a picture...
And....we couldn't resist the  chocolate covered date filled with pecans! We didn't need supper that night!
 It was a beautiful scenic drive!


  1. who doesn't love a chocolate covered pecan. not sure i have ever had one now that i think about it. usually just plain or salted. i need one now. put that on my to do list. ha. ha!! ( :

  2. hey, i just noticed you are on pinterest, i'm following along with ya now. curious - that scripture at the top of your blog - where did you find that? that is a great one. ( :

  3. dates. hmmm. all i can think of is fig newtons (ick!)

  4. I love dates but rarely think to purchase them. The date shakes must be delicious to distract a blogger! ;oD

  5. How fun! I have never been or even seen a date farm.

  6. Yum - those chocolate dates look delish - I have never seen one of those before.

  7. The dates covered with chocolate and filled with pecans looks scrumptious!

  8. looks like a fun day...pretty photos...

  9. My sister just gave me two boxes of dates! I never quite know what to DO with dates! Except for the date nut candy my aunt made years and years ago!! I need to goggle some recipes!
    Loved reading your post!

    1. Linda matrimony or date squares are always a hit it seems when I make them. If you want a good recipe let me know k?

  10. Would you look at those beautiful blue skies? Wow, wow and wow... I miss summer all of a sudden! The date shakes sound interesting, as do the chocolate covered dates with pecans.

    Beautiful country! Have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. wait a minute. date shakes? hmmm....not sure about that one. glad y'all had a good time!!!

    happy valentine's day!

  12. We will have to go there some time...we aren't very far! The dates sound yummy!


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