Thursday, February 28, 2013

Poppyseed Bread...

When I go to markets... I see the poppyseed bread and always want a loaf...
Well I decided to try to make it. So I looked on the internet and found myself a recipe....
Orange zest... yummm... I never use to like it but now love zested oranges (and lemons!)

Recipes often call for instant yeast...but no matter what the recipe calls for I still like the regular yeast that you have to let rise.....just seems to work better for me...
 I love my Bosch... it takes all the 'work' out of making bread!!
Some of the recipes called for canned poppy seed filling...some gave you a recipe to make your own...and you were to grind the poppyseeds...the recipe I found said just to use poppyseeds in the filling recipe...(This was sooo yummy!)

It turned out yummy.... Better than the ones I have bought at markets...but I think I will try a few more recipes before settling on the one I love!


  1. It does look good. I haven't seen anything like it around here.

  2. That looks amazing! I have never seen poppy seed bread like that. The recipes I have are all for a sweet muffin like bread. I so wish I could have SMELLED that lovely fragrance! Fresh orange zest!!wow

  3. We have a Bosch and love it too. I also got my old Kitchen Aide back from my sister who didn't want it anymore. The looks so yummy!!!

  4. I can almost smell it from here!!!! Looks delicious:))) xoxo

    Lindy Lou

  5. Now this looks like it's totally delicious and yummmmy! What's in the filling? I might have to get off my lazy bottom and start doing a bit more cooking, just seeing this is making my mouth drool! lol

    Have a wonderful weekend Bev!

  6. ohhhh it sure does look good!! i may be too lazy though ;)

  7. Gosh I have never seen that before - it looks yummy!


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