Monday, November 28, 2016

Getting Ready....

We were getting ready to head south.... 
I really wanted the Kayaks with us... 
Hubby wasn't too impressed....
Being the great man he is....he loaded them up!!
We packed the truck and headed east  to visit our children before we left!
We DO enjoy Alberta sunrises!! (and sunsets!!)

 First morning there...we took 'the beast' for a walk... 
We walked along the Sheep River... Hubby WON'T be taking any of this driftwood with us!!


  1. Got a chuckle from the driftwood statement.

    Safe travel and enjoy your new adventures.

  2. Hope it gets warmer for those kyacks...

  3. i'm glad you have the kayaks!!! there's no sneaking any of that driftwood on to the truck!! i am still trying to send the pattern!!

    have a great trip!!!

  4. Have a safe trip! & lots of fun & pretty skies but I think your hubby might sneak some driftwood in too!

  5. I don't think that driftwood is too big ;) Have a great time.

  6. That is a very impressive piece of driftwood Too bad :) Safe travels. Hug B


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