Tuesday, November 22, 2016

In the shop

Soon we are heading south...hubby decided to get a project ready to do while we are gone...
 Using two types of wood....  Jelutong and Afrormosia ...he made a "Chess Board"
 Cut out 'pieces' using the two types of wood.
Has his carving set ready... and all packed...

He will carve the men this winter!!


  1. What a wonderful piece! So creative and talented. Post the carved men when he has finished!

  2. What a great travel project! What kits have you prepared?

    Safe travel.

  3. he may be the most creative man i know. and i love that he is always busy working on a project!! this project will travel well (better than the drift wood, cough - cough) and keep him busy while you are gone!

    this is really BEAUTIFUL and will be a real family treasure for years to come!!!

    knitting would be a great travel project for you!!

  4. Very cool. I have a couple of Christmas ornaments that my brother-in-law carved for me.


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