Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday Walks

If you drive through our will pass a block of foundation concrete....the town calls "The Bunker".
The foundation was poured in 2001....rumor has it that the person who started it ran out of money....

In 2011...the thought was it could be turned into apartments....

In 2015... a distillery and bistro??....

Late this summer...The Town purchased it, had openings in the foundation  enclosed.... planted a few sunflowers around it.
 It is now for sale... We hear rumblings in the coffee shop.... some locals just want it gone..


  1. Looks like a magnet for graffiti to me. I agree with the locals - it should be leveled.

  2. Wonder what the purpose was to start with...think I would want it removed as well.

  3. On a dreary day it doesn't look very appealing for anything! Maybe it is time to remove & rethink it!

  4. You'll have to tell us what happens when you know yourself.

  5. I don't like when towns buy real estate - they are not in the business, they don't have the knowledge and it usually ends up being a disaster. I wonder who was/is paying the property taxes?? It's a bit of an eyesore, hopefully someone will purchase it and build something great!!


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