Thursday, November 17, 2016

Second Hand Stores

I'm starting to enjoy second hand store shopping... We have a great one in our new town...and I see what others I do go once in awhile (and have found some nice things:). When we moved last time...we really downsized all our 'stuff'.... Our popcorn making was getting old, the top was cracked. So we got rid of it! Plus... I think you can make real good popcorn in a pan!.... Hubby is the real popcorn eater and maker...he was not impressed with the 'pan' popcorn...and craves his popcorn!

So one day we stopped in at the second hand store...
 Found this... it was clean... it 'worked' from what we could tell, and it was $2.00....
 Yes it made popcorn!!
 Hubby is happy!!... His favourite movie and game snack is easy for him to make!!
It's was a win (I won the game:)!!


  1. great find, i love a good game night!! perhaps you are taking lessons from our friend linda in texas - she is the queen!!

  2. I had a popcorn maker just like that: it had a small lid on the top where butter could be melted as the popcorn popped. I didn't use that feature much. Shh, don't tell anyone, but sometimes I eat popcorn for supper. I love playing that game, too.

    Second-hand stores are fun places to browse and find good items for a reasonable price.

  3. totally awesome! my sis loves one in wis. it has great deals!

  4. I remember having one of those. I think I gave it to the Salvation Army. While I regularly donate lots of 'stuff', I rarely shop at the local store.

  5. Great find for you and your hubby!
    I couldn't help but noticed your tablecloth - it looks exactly like one my mum has from Portugal!


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