Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday Walks

On a rainy morning...(which we have had quite a few of.)...we past the Elevators.
The white one above...we've heard will be torn down...and a replica built in it's spot... but remember things happen slowly in our town.
The Alberta Wheat Pool ... is now part of an Art Gallery...rumor has it it will be refurbished.
Here is a picture of them on a sunny summer day from the backside... is probably the front side as the railway tracks go by on this side:)


  1. why in the world would they tear that down, it's just beautiful??!! you picked a beautiful place, to settle in!!!

  2. Extraordinary shaped buildings. Love them.

  3. These gentle giants were scattered throughout the West, and I love seeing them still standing. It's sad the gray one can't be saved, but I like the idea it will be rebuilt.

  4. Now these are so interesting as we do not have anything as nice here for storing grain. So good to see them from both sides!

  5. You never fail to amaze me with the wonders of your walks!!


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