Wednesday, March 30, 2011

RV ing

Brian and I have been RVing for about 2 years.  In case you have never RV'd, let me take you on a little tour of what we see....
We park our little rig among the big rigs!
Happenings around the park....
Lots of golf carts...the bigger the park...the more the carts!!
Lots of dog walkers with their poo bags....
Pool bobbing (every park has these...its amazing how they bob on the noodle and talk for hours!)
Hot Tub problem solvers....(how can they sit in there in the heat of the day beats me!)
Sun sitters...
Water aerobics..
Shuffle Players
Pool Players
Bikers (they are all  in the rec room playing poker!)
Wild Drivers

 Crafts of all sorts!
I could go on and on with pictures... plus the people you meet! Each park is like a big family. A year ago I would of thought this life was a bore...but I tell you it grows on you.... Can't wait until we can come back!!!


  1. :)
    I actually cannot believe this is you talking.
    You ARE hooked on the RV life aren't you?!
    So where are you in the noodle bobbing picture?:)

  2. Bev-you are just trying to delay coming back to the snow in Alberta, aren't you?!


  3. looks like a lot of fun....

  4. I have never noodle bobbed....yet...but as I said it gets addicting... I actually bought a 'thing' that you put a noodle thru to make a seat...Dawn you can try it this year in our pool....You guys will be going south with us before you know it.... you know farmers have the winter off? And yes Adrian, I would LOVE to delay coming home... is lots of fun.... you feel like a kid again!!

  5. You make it sound like one big party. I'd have a hard time being social for days at a time. I'd need my alone time so would have to disappear.

  6. are not old enough yet for this.....:)


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