Monday, May 6, 2013

Miscellany Monday!

A new week begins!!
 Spring has arrived...we had a beautiful warm weekend...
and it looks like we will have a sunny and fairly warn week !
I love warm weather!! I plan on spending a lot of time outside!
Friday ... I spent the day at the Calgary Zoo...
I hadn't been there for years....
the changes were wonderful!
I grew up in Calgary...and I have been going to the Zoo...for ...over... hmmm how old would of I been the first time I went to the zoo....while it has to be at least 55 years ago ...
 Another big change... 
when the Calgary Tower was built back in the 60' was the tallest building in the City...
Times have changed!!!

miscellany monday at lowercase letters


  1. Newest follower....these pictures are absolutely awesome...loved the monkey as soon as I hit your blog....hope you follow back...

  2. nice zoo scenes! looks like the animals were enjoying spring!

  3. It's so good when zoos are changed for the better. And I enjoyed the view of Calgary.

  4. Re your query to Peg about Dresden plate...I'm just making one , of many, and never have used iron on facing. I find it much easier to run a tacking stitch around the curves, finger press it in, and then applique it to the backing fabric.

  5. Bev, as far as Dresden Plate and interfacing - Eleanor Burns has perfected that method. When I learned to do it myself (years ago:), we learned that we should use a very short length stitch on the sewing machine so the interfacing-to-fabric seam was tight. Then you trim the seam allowance to a little less than 1/8" wide - if you turn after that, the seam allowance doesn't bunch up and cause your curves to be pointy and not-round. YOu can use a lead-less pencil or maybe a not-too-pointy knitting needles to smooth out the curves and then iron the block down.

    If you can't make enough sense out of my text, you can probably look at Eleanor Burns' (Quilt in a Day) website or you can email me at lindaschiffer at me dot com.

    :) Linda

  6. Now I would love to go up there and see that zoo - yours is much better than ours and I just love animals. Sandie

  7. beautiful spring weather...awesome photos..

  8. What a great collection of photos. Love the top photo especially. Great expression.

  9. That is a great selection of pics. Love your first pic - sitting posing for the camera. :)

  10. I love wandering through a zoo, but the nearest one is in Denver, a six hour drive from here.

  11. It's been such wonderful weather lately that it's awesome to hear you're out and about. I've never been to the Calgary zoo, one of these fine days I just may have to take it in; Calgary sure has grown over the years!


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