Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I know it's early...

To early to be putting annuals outside.
 I usually wait until the weekend after the long weekend, 
before I even buy my annuals!!! 
I have lost so many flowers over the years, 
 buying them to soon..... as you can be sure...
that we will get snow and a killer frost sometime in May....
 But spring has taken so long in coming.....
 I had to buy a few...
To brighten my outside little 'living area'!!


  1. gorgeous colors!! just be careful, watch the weather, these can be brought indoors if it gets frosty at night!!

    love those gerbers, dawns favorites!!

  2. I bought flowers yesterday, too, in hopes that the warm temps are here to stay.

  3. Bev I have to laugh, I bought one plant as well and really had to hold myself back from buying more! Your flowers look so pretty, we can color our world once again, even if we're a wee bit early! :-)

  4. I'm buying ours tomorrow!! But I try to get perennials instead of annuals! It's the frugal side of me! But I may splurge!!!

  5. They look lovely and I am noting the pots they are in. Lovely too!

  6. I love the one in the last picture. I want one just like that! We also get frost and even snow in May, so we wait until June to plant. But I should be cleaning up now.

  7. Those brightened my minute here - I know they brighten your day too. sandie

  8. We've finally gotten some really nice weather and everything has greened up a lot. I planted some flowers and herbs today and it felt so good to be outside again.


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