Friday, May 24, 2013

Random 5 Friday. . .

Linking with Nancy at Nancy at A RURAL JOURNAL

1. Monday was Victoria Day here in Canada... they started the fountains at the Parliament Buildings...
The wading pools should be opened soon.
2. Mornings are my favourite time of the day...
What is yours?
3. After a load of wash this week ... this is what was at the bottom of the wash machine...
What do you find in your laundry machine after you do a load of wash....
I wonder who left these in their pocket?
4. Went out for Brunch with a few of the Grand kids and Middler... Middler has not gone out with me since my birthday (over a month ago) she got them to sing Happy Birthday to me...
I find it very embarrassing to be sung too... how do you feel when they sing to you in a restaurant?
But this is the 'cake' they give out.... How cool is that!

5. Spent an afternoon at Galaxy land at West Edmonton Mall with the Gk's
It's hard to believe that I use to take my kids here..30 years ago... YIKES where did the years go?


  1. It's nice to have family for birthday celebrations. Eating out makes it sooo much easier.

    I wash my own laundry. A couple of months ago the dryer was going "thump clang, thum clang." It turned out I had washed my camera and it was still in my wet pants pocket.

    Adi, our beagle was my buddy for sixteen years. She and I were also a registered Pet Therapy team. We helped kids read and visited at the local assisted living place. Everybody loved and loved on Adi.

  2. Mornings are my favs too- i find dimes wishing they were dollar bills :)- i sing along and then they stop singing :)- i blinked and my granddaughter is in her second year of collage :(
    Have a delight-filled weekend Bev- thanks for dropping by.

  3. I didn't always like mornings, but they're my favorite now.
    I find kleenex in my washer that I forget to take out of MY pockets :)
    Nope, don't like being sung to, AT ALL :)
    That is the cutest cake!

  4. Such a cute cake! I don't normally like to be sung to in restaurants, but our favorite Mexican restaurant sings happy birthday in Spanish, and that's fun. Mornings are my favorites, if I can get out of bed. :-)

  5. I love the early mornings, I find paper towel wads in our washer, I love it when I'm sung to anywhere :-), I have only been to WEM once and that was 20 years ago, you are right where do the years go?

  6. Has WEM been here that long now? Oh my goodness, you're right, where does the time slip away on us? It sounds like the G'kids kept you busy, a good kind of busy though. My little peanut is coming for a sleep over tonight and I'm looking forward to it!

    Happy belated birthday, no I won't sing... can't carry a tune if my life depended on it! ;-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Time flies, that's for sure! :). Love your cake! It's marvelous. Have a beautiful weekend, and a Happy belated Birthday to you.

  8. The cake is adorable. My favorite time of day depends on the day of the week. I love early mornings on weekends when I have a whole day to look forward to, but not so much on weekdays where I have to rush to sit in traffic and get to work. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. coolest little apple bird ever!!

  10. I am a morning person. Always have been and looks like I always will be.

    What a cool apple bird "cake"!

    I really try hard to empty all my pockets before doing laundry. It’s the gum wrappers and note pads that make the biggest messes for me.

  11. I want to go to Galaxy Land!

    Popped by from Random 5 Friday.

  12. The morning sun / forest looks so beautiful! And the Little bird of apples is absolutely sweet - so creative!

  13. I like early mornings - late nights - and naps. Lol, but it never works out that way for me! sandie

  14. I used to be a night person but now, as I am somewhat older (hehe) the mornings are my most energetic so i like them best. Then I have my nap...

  15. I like this random Friday stuff. The most noteworthy item I found in my washing machine was a very dead, clean, and spin dried mouse! Yes, up here, our machine is in the shed and someone, not me, must have left the lid open!

  16. I love mornings also. It's so peaceful before every one wakes up and the day is new.

  17. The birthday cake is adorable! The few times that a restaurant staff sang Happy Birthday to me, I was embarrassed.

    Mornings are my favorite time of day. In the summer, like to get up early and go for walks before it gets too hot.

  18. I really do NOT do mornings!!! I'm usually feeling pretty good by noon!
    Last thing I found in the laundry - after it went through both the washer AND dryer was a pair of Louis Dean's glasses! Spotlessly clean and in good shape!!

  19. Odd I posted a comment but it's not showing up. I'm going to just say Happy Belated Birthday once again and who knows, maybe the other comment will show up somewhere yet.

    Enjoy your weekend Bev, rain or not! :-)

    1. Yup there it is way up there... guess I should open my eyes! LOL

  20. I hate being sung to on my bday....when out in public....but then, I don't like attention being drawn to me....that's the reason I'm not the president. :)

    Love the apple swan bday cake. And if you find out where the years have gone, please let me know. I want to go and get them back!! Mine have been taken, too!

  21. I don't mind the singing to me whether in public or not -- I guess after 53 years, I'm used to it! :)

  22. my favorite time of day is the morning, it's too bad i always sleep through it!! i like the birthday cake BUT where's the sugar???


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