Friday, May 31, 2013

Randon 5 Friday. . .

Linking with Nancy at A Rural Journal

1. I was looking through my pictures from summer last year... ... found this picture of  the Kayak my son made
2.  I got together with my sisters for lunch this week.
3.  I have been working on the border of my quilt... I miss my big cutting in a condo is really not my will be nice to have a sewing room again.

4. At 10:00 pm... I took this picture without a flash!! It was so light outside. Another 3 weeks or so and the days start getting shorter.... (This use to bother me...but now it just means going south for the winter is getting closer!)

5. I'm off on a road trip today ...It's a 10 hour drive so I better hit the road.
I'll try to take you all along....if I miss ya.... then I'll send you pictures next week!


  1. Have a safe trip! xo I would love having that much light!

  2. Your son is very talented to make the kayak. Lovely photo of your lunch with your sisters. We all wish for more room when we are working on a project! Enjoy your trip ... safe journey. Happy 5 Day!

  3. Wow -- a handmade kayak. That's awesome.

    I'm wondering where you are off to. Hope you can share.

    Thanks for linking up Bev. xo

  4. My sister lives in North Dakota, and when I visit, I am always amazed how late the sun and twilight linger.

    Safe travels.

  5. Have a safe drive and wonderful trip, Bev. Yay for Sister time!

  6. you are still very organized on that table! 10 pm and light lucky you, do have a safe drive and share photos!

  7. Safe travels to you! :)

    I adore the long days of summer. We wait so long for them!

  8. love that you have sisters near you. safe travels!

  9. Oh, those light summer nights, how I love them. One thing I miss the most from life in Sweden. How wonderful that you have so many sisters within reach for a lunch date.

  10. i am so jealous!! i only have one sister and she is 7 hours away!!

    beautiful kayak, how special it is!!

  11. Enjoy your trip! You do drive long stretches of road!! 10 hours! And I forget how long it takes you to get to your winter home but I remember it is a LONG drive!!
    It's wonderful you have your sisters! I do love mine!

  12. I hope you are having a safe trip! That is amazing--a handmade kayak. Your son must be very talented!


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