Friday, May 3, 2013

Random Friday 5

It's time for Random Friday 5 where I do just that...
share 5 Random things about my life...
Linking with...A Rural Journal
 1. The last two weeks have been busy good weeks. I have hosted Tea Parties...
2. I hung out day and night with a few grandchildren...
3. I have Seven grand children...and Six of them have been and are home schooled.
4. I love getting up early...but I also love staying up late
doing all those little things I didn't have time to do during the day.
5. Thursday was the first nice day that we have had since last fall.
It was a beautiful day to be outside...the boys went fishing...

Oldest had breakfast...if we catch a fish should we keep it.... I made the mistake of saying...if you can clean it...I can cook it.... Well we had fish for supper:)


  1. Bev,
    Busy days really make the time fly. Looks like your busy has been fun too.

  2. the fish story is funny, 7 grands and all home schooled that is do sound to be busy fun busy though..

  3. Sounds like fun busy days!
    It amazes me how boys can be so excited about catching a fish and cleaning it. I get grossed out just thinking about touching a fish!

  4. Fun days with the grands (lovely kids). Tea parties and cleaning fish ... YeeHaw! :D Happy Friday!

  5. i have always wanted a tea party - never been to one before - sounds like such fun!! feel like a kid again for a bit or two. enjoy! ( :

  6. A fun and memorable adventure with the Grands.

    It's never a mistake to have fish for dinner, especially when they are attached to the day's memories. I bet it was tasty!

  7. i think the grands are enjoying their time with you! :)

  8. You must be their favorite grandma....that's a pretty big fish!!

  9. Sounds like you've had a wonderful time being busy with your grandchildren!

  10. Busy and fun time you've had! Glad you're having some nice days. :)

  11. Boy that looks so wonderful and so much fun! sandie

  12. That fish looks almost as big as he is :) I bet it tasted delicious! What fun having a tea party with the grand daughters :)

  13. Lovely grandchildren, you lucky girl! I have two but have high hopes that more of my children will come up trumps. :) Enjoy your weekend.

  14. Wow, your grandson knows how to clean a fish? This is fantastic! Sounds like you've been super busy, a super fun kind of busy though!

    Have a wonderful weekend Bev, it's looking like we're in for a gorgeous day!

  15. I wish I were an early bird, but I am by nature a Night Owl! After the house is quiet at night, I seem to hit my power hours of creativity & productiveness.

    Nice catch - we wish our lakes would thaw so we could have fish for dinner!
    The MN fishing opener is next weekend, and there are still many feet of ice on the lakes here up north! This rarely happens.. we are quite behind this year.

  16. That's cool -- wow colorful fish (rainbow) that sounds good to have some fish today!!!


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