Sunday, August 25, 2013


 One thing I wanted to do before we left Edmonton...was to visit Fort Edmonton Park. It takes you back in history and a fun place to stroll through. So this I made reservations at the Hotel Selkirk  in the park to start the day off.

Hubby and I usually don't do anything the easy way....we didn't drive, I We had to bike there...half way there we realized we were on the wrong path...the only thing we could do was go up...and there were only ramp for our bikes.... Hubby thought he could carry the bikes instead of bumping them up the stairs...there he is.... 2/3 of the way up.... taking a break...It was so far up... you could not see the path where we started...
Here he comes.... he made it...Yes both bikes at one time...
It was pretty elegant...for two sweaty bikers....
The food was yummy.....
It was a great day...and I may post more pictures....from the past this week...


  1. biking - you goofs! bless your strong hubby!

  2. Looks so yummy - and you earned it for sure!

  3. Looks like it was worth hauling those bikes up for! It looks delicious!

  4. omg, poor hubby!! the food looks amazing!!

  5. That's a LOT of stairs to climb: I hope you found an alternative route home.

    Love the old billboards!

  6. I am so glad I didn't miss THIS!! What a hubby to carry BOTH bikes! But then - it was probably HIS idea to bike instead of drive!! You two are awesome!

  7. wow, that was some bike ride!!!! Love the food waiting for you....looks like a beautiful place to see, thanks for sharing

  8. Wow, you have an awesome hubby to carry those bikes, the food looks great!


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