Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mexican Food...

Over the years our family has enjoyed a feast of Mexican Food. Basically we have tacos, with all the toppings as well as my family's favourite  dish Chili Relleno. You can find many recipes for Chili Relleno online...but I have not been able to find the recipe that I is like a souffle....So here is a different take on Chili Relleno with basically the same ingredients...

Chili Relleno
1 lb Old Cheddar Cheese
1 lb Monterrey Jack Cheese
2 - 3 cans Chopped Green chilies
4 eggs separated
1 can evaporated milk
3 Tbsp Flour
Handful of taco chips

slice the cheddar cheese and place in a high casserole dish
drain and rinse the green chilies, place half of them on top of the cheese
 slice the Monterrey jack cheese and layer on top of the chilies
place the remaining chilies on top of the jack cheese
separate your eggs...
beat eggs whites until stiff
add evaporated milk, flour and pepper to egg yolks..lightly beat
gently fold stiff egg whits into the egg yolk mixture
pour over cheeses...
top with crumbled taco chips...
place in preheated oven 400F  for 60 mins...
Serve with tacos and condiments...



  1. Bev this looks good, I've never even heard of this before and may have to try it one day.

  2. This looks delicious - I love Mexican food.

  3. Oh my goodness, my mouth is just watering! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'm putting it on my list of things to make.

  4. Tacos = Mexican in this house but we really love them!! The hubs likes crunchy, I prefer soft, or a combo of both!!

    The other casserole dish sounded yummy, I really like when you cook ;)


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