Monday, August 12, 2013

Have you ever...

 Have you ever seen an outhouse as cute as this.....
 This is the 'restroom' we use at the Family Reunions. My cousins have turned an Outhouse into a sweet place to visit...come and I'll show you...
A water bucket to wash up at...after you visit!
Everything you need in a washroom....
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  1. When I was a boy we had one of those but no where as sweet as your one thats a good job. thanks for dropping by please visit my Promote Thanet Blog

  2. I have used many many many an outhouse and this is by far the most beautiful outhouse in the world I bet, there should be a contest for this..

  3. Now that IS cute! So much prettier than the outhouse on the farm of my youth.

  4. I love it! Undoubtedly the best, cutest outhouse ever! :)

  5. Well build it bigger and I might think of logging there all year. You would like me.

    Have a deodoriser flush connection . It is great and so prettyyyyyyyyyy. You even have a mirror for me . Awesome!

    I am not prim and proper. I am a country girl all my life well almost all my life.

    What time did you say the reunion was or when your having another. Be right over.

    I will just sqeeze in and you will think I am one of your loss Auntie Carol Ann

    way back or was it Aunt bee or Barb. Well you will think back on all your

    Aunties names. Yup that is the one you just said.

  6. oh look second picture is a guy in shorts is thinking of building a house back there. He has the swing set up and oh look someone is on my fav swing a lady.

    This reunion looks great.

  7. That is adorable! Maybe if we'd all had such lovely little outhouses indoor plumbing wouldn't have taken off as quickly as it did! :-)

  8. Bev -- that is so cute. It really can hardly be called an outhouse at's an outdoor powder room! Love it...what a fabulous idea for the country.

  9. It is more than is a work of art. Fantastic!

  10. that is a nice one...if I do say so myself.

  11. now that is a cool outhouse...I wouldn't mind using that one...


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