Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vintage ThingieThursday

Do you remember when....
 I grew up in the city...and I never used a phone like this....
 My mother-in-law worked one of these switchboards.


  1. I absolutely love this -- I'm old -- but I've not seen a wooden phone booth like this. What a treat. :)

  2. These are so neat! My dad is a telephone man and we always had an old pay phone on our patio, but nothing like this!


  3. I remember the wooden pay phone booths in an old hotel in my town. If I remember correctly, there were three of them hooked together, and on Tuesday, I went to the local museum and saw a similar switch board but with only one station. Hard to wrap my mind around how technology has changed in a few short years.

  4. How very fun to view all this cool, old stuff!! I am too young to remember any of it ;)

  5. I remember very clearly. I worked for the telephone company forty years. I started out on an older board than this.


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