Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cinnamon Toast.... Is there a 'Right Way'??

When I was a little would often make Cinnamon Toast for a snack. She would toast the bread, butter it, spread it with brown sugar, then sprinkle it with cinnamon! A yummy treat.

When my children were growing was usually Sunday's after having a big meal for lunch...we would make the kids Cinnamon Toast for supper! And we made it.. "toast, butter, sugar and sprinkled it with cinnamon".

Then today!!!! I found out that Mom and I had been doing it the wrong way.... THERE IS A RIGHT WAY TO MAKE CINNAMON TOAST! (click here for the right way_ Hubby made a fruit salad and I made the cinnamon toast.... and I did not use a toaster!

I didn't have soft butter so I had to slightly melt it.... then added the sugar, cinnamon and vanilla!

I watched it carefully so it did not'll notice one piece is missing...well it started to get done before the we tasted it!

Doesn't look the way the wrong cinnamon toast does...and it does taste delicious!!


  1. i always made it for my boys when it snowed. soft butter, cinnamon and sugar blended together first and then under the broiler. it is yummy with hot chocolate, and best after sledding!!!!

  2. i wonder how it would taste with apple butter?? i may have to try that!!!

  3. Sounds delicious. Is it the vanilla that makes the difference of toasting it all together?

  4. Hmm, I've never broiled it before. I might have to give it a try.

  5. I didn't know there was a right way either! I will have to try it like this!

  6. Well that sure is different from the way I've been making it. Looks super delicious!

  7. awww - i remember sunday cinnamon toast.... now I'm craving it


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