Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Downstairs Reno's

The downstairs was finished to a degree.... have a look for yourself of what it was like....

Main area

(The lights are white...not blue.)
'Yellow Room'
Became my Sewing Room

'Pink Room'
Became the Guest Room

I have one more post with Reno's...
there were two rooms in the house.....
that I strongly disliked... 
so I kept them for a separate post...


  1. awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! you will never know how much i LOVE the floor, BIG improvement and just so pretty!!! did you make the quilt on the guest bed?? i'm sure you did!! the place looks great and you having a sewing room!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YaY

  2. Whoa, sure glad you painted the walls differently - white/off-white brings light back into the rooms. I love how the rooms look inviting and fresh.

    Certainly glad that you saw the potential of this house because you've turned it into a gem!


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