Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Front yard Makeover Completed!!

Our front yard needed help... I could not clean up the flower bed as the vine's roots were everywhere!!!
We needed more parking space.... watering grass sometimes not an option in the summer.... so with this in mind this is what we did ...
Yesterday we could say the front now is now complete!! Low maintenance...just need a bit of time to let the flowers grow in!
Earlier in the spring....I thought the front needed a bit of colour
The last thing we did....was remove the (blue some said it was grey??) outdoor carpet..
Hubby painted a type of rock finish .... It is grey:))
So we have one outside project done! ....we can move into the backyard!


  1. Well done - no watering AND no mowing.

    Painting the front door was brilliant and adds personality.

  2. the place looks great bev, i would love to have a stone yard. everything is beautiful and i love, love, love the front door. i want to paint mine yellow and the hubs is giving me a hard time!!!

  3. Looks great!! YOu guys have been working so hard....I am not surprised I guess though:)

  4. Beautiful job! The kind my hubby would like to do, but I always want some grass LOL


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